Ollie and Bianca!

Ollie Luey and Bianca Mase aren’t your typical 17 year olds.
After being friends forever, these two decided to take their talents to the
streets! For the past four years, Ollie & Bianca have been performing
street shows and touring on their talents. We had the pleasure to host one of
their shows on July 25!
Though these two are young, they’ve been practicing their
talents for years. Ollie has been playing the accordion for 8 years! She is
already an award winning accordionist who made her video debut at age seven
with The Dresden Dolls. Bianca has been playing the ukulele and juggling for 4
and 5 years respectively and already teaches circus arts. Once Bianca began
playing the ukulele, the pair got together and started working.
At an Ollie and Bianca show a lot goes on: music, dress up,
and other clowning around activities. Ollie and Bianca say to expect,
“entertainment and having a good time!” The two always play music, and make
balloon animals for kids; sometimes they even face paint! Children can even
interact with the music by playing some percussion instruments.
Aside from dressing up in their Ollie and Bianca clown
costumes, the girls’ favorite parts of performing are the interactions with the
kids. “[We love seeing them] enjoy the music, and smile for the balloons.” 
Though they love performing for children (they do kids
birthday parties, festivals, and local circus events), Ollie and Bianca have
performed for all sorts of different audiences. They’ve performed in Cambridge
and Boston as street performers and even had a show about them on Cambridge
Cable Access television! In Cambridge, the duo has performed at Octoberfest,
the River Festival, The Brattle Theater, and Lydell’s Bakery Summer Movie
Nights. They have also been the invited buskers at Faneuil Hall in Boston.
Drawing inspiration from Amanda Palmer, the two always hope
“to improve ourselves and be different!”
And they really are different! Ollie and Bianca offer a
refreshing twist on clown and circus performances. Be on the look out for Ollie
and Bianca in and around Boston and check them out on Facebook by searching
Ollie & Bianca!

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