Mind Body Soul Summer: Toybox Cleanout

It’s wonderful to have toys and games. But, there are some friends who may be less fortunate. Go through your toys and games and donate to a local organization (dependent on Covid regulations) or make a FREE pile outside of your home for others to take.

Here are some examples of organizations that could help connect your donations for families in need:

Resell charities like The Salvation Army and other thrift stores, 

Local shelters 


Child care centers 


Reader’s Digest has nine suggestions to encourage kids to give away old toys.  Check out their link 

https://www.readersdigest.ca/home-garden/cleaning/9-ways-encourage-kids-give-old-toys/  for details and more information about each of the following suggestions:

Talk about donating

Set targets

Remember to involve the child

Set an example

Make it fun 

Set aside time 

Make it a habit

Try a grace period

Make them feel appreciated

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