Marble Run

With materials you have at home, make your own marble run that your kiddos are sure to enjoy!

You’ll need: 11 toilet paper rolls, a cardboard base, tape, paint, glue and marbles or pom poms


  1. First, make 3 towers. Make two towers that are 3 toilet paper rolls high, and the third one 2 rolls high. Tape the rolls together to make your towers.
  2. Next, cut 3 toilet paper rolls in half longways and tape some of the pieces together to make chutes.
  3. To connect the towers together using your chutes, cut holes in the towers for the chutes to rest in. Make sure the chutes are tilting downward so that the marbles or pom poms will roll.
  4. A piece of cardboard makes an ideal base for the towers. Put glue on the cardboard where you want to place your towers and glue them down. Make sure the towers are completely dry in place before playing. Once dry, you can paint your marble run or start watching the marbles travel through the chutes!

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