Make Your Own Snowflakes

Making snowflakes indoors is the perfect activity for this snowy weather!


You’ll need: white pipe cleaners, pom poms, hot glue and gem stickers




  1. Cut three pieces of pipe cleaner that are each 6 inches long.
  2. Twist them around each other from the middle to make it look like a star (3 lines of symmetry).
  3. Use another pipe cleaner to twist around the snowflake stem, making a circle 3 centimeters from the middle.
  4. To make the pattern at the edge of the snowflakes stems, cut twelve pieces of pipe cleaner (any length you like). Twist two pieces to the end of each stem and make a V shape.
  5. If you have pom poms (red or any other color), glue them to the edge of the snowflake stems.
  6. If you have gem stickers, add one to the center of the snowflake and your craft is complete!

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