Hot Chocolate Mug

Sip on some delicious hot chocolate while you craft a super cute hot chocolate mug!


You’ll need: jumbo popsicle sticks (10 per mug craft), glue, craft paint, a foam paint brush, a small paper plate, scissors, colored cardstock, white cotton balls, snowflake stickers (optional)




  1. First, glue your popsicle sticks together to look like a fence. Glue 8 vertically next to each other and glue the other two horizontally across them to secure them in place.
  2. Once the sticks are dry, use the foam paint brush and your craft paint (any color you like) to paint the sticks that are making the shape of your mug. Set it aside to dry.
  3. While the paint dries, grab some cardstock in the color that matches the paint you used (if you don’t have a match, not to worry! Your mug will be all the more unique!) and some scissors. Cut out a handle shape that will be added to the side of the mug.
  4. Once the paint on your mug is dry, glue on your handle.
  5. If you’d like to add extra embellishments, you can glue white cotton balls to the top of the mug to act as marshmallows in your hot cocoa, or add some stickers or glitter to your mug!

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