Heart Fingerprint Tree

Use this arts and crafts project as a Valentine’s Day card or put it on display at home for the family to see!

You’ll need: 2 sheets of white paper, red and pink ink pads or finger paints, a black marker, scissors and a pencil


  1. Start by making a heart stencil. To do this, fold a sheet of paper in half vertically and draw a half-heart shape. Cut along the line and you’ll have your heart outline!
  2. Place the sheet with the heart outline on your second sheet of white paper. You can tape it to the sheet to hold the heart steady in place.
  3. Using a black marker, draw a tree trunk and branches in the heart.
  4. Dab your pointer finger and thumbs in the paint and begin making your tree inside the heart! You can put as many fingerprints as you like to fill the tree with leaves.
  5. Now, pull off the sheet of paper with the heart outline and you’re left with a beautiful heart tree!

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