Hand Print Polar Bear

Stay warm and cozy inside this winter as you craft your own polar bear using your hand print!


You’ll need: white and blue construction paper, scissors, glue, a black marker and a pink marker




  1. On a white piece of paper, trace your child’s hand print and cut it out.
  2. Also using white paper, draw an oval and cut it out. Then, draw and cut out two little circles
  3. Glue the oval to the thumb on your hand print cutout to represent the polar bear’s head. Glue the little circles to the polar bear’s head for its ears. The top of the head will be near the palm of the hand print.
  4. Using the pink marker, color in the center of the ears and color some pink on the face for the bear’s cheeks.
  5. Use the black marker to give the polar bear its eyes, nose, and claws on its feet that are the tips of the fingers.
  6. Once the polar bear is complete, you can glue it onto a blue piece of paper. Feel free to add other blues to look like the bear is surrounded by icebergs in its natural habitat! Winterize and decorate your craft as much as you like!

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