Flock of Sheep

Making an adorable flock of sheep is a craft your kiddos are sure to love!

You’ll need: jumbo craft sticks, googly eyes, a paper plate, craft paint (your choice of colors), scissors, white craft glue and 7 cotton balls per sheep you want to make


  1. Paint the craft sticks and let them dry.
  2. Place some glue on each craft stick but leave the tops and bottoms of the sticks untouched.
  3. On the glue, stick 3 cotton balls.
  4. On the sides of the 3 cotton balls, add some glue and stick two more cotton balls on each side.
  5. Using the same paint colors as you did for the craft sticks, paint small patches of color onto the paper plate.
  6. Once the paint on the plate is dry, cut out two teardrop shapes from each color. These will act as the sheep’s ears.
  7. Lastly, glue the ears to the back of the craft sticks and glue googly eyes to the front to complete your sheep!

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