Dino-mite Dinosaurs

Museum Educator Michelle came by to teach a creative Dino-mite Dinosaurs arts and crafts class on Wednesday February 9! There were four tables of activities for children to have fun at and learn about dinosaurs.

During one of the activities the children used brushes, scraping tools, and their hands to maneuver through molds to find what was inside. Inside each of the molds was a little plastic dinosaur which represented something that an archaeologist would find while digging!

There was a play-doh station where the children could create their own dinosaurs. There were different play-doh molds in the shapes of dinosaurs for the children to make while learning the different names of each one.
Children also got to create dinosaur skeletons made from q-tips, glue, and black paper, based on the examples of skeletons on the table. Some children made their own design, while others used the examples to re-create their favorite dinosaur’s skeleton.
At the last table was a dinosaur footprint search. The children got to dust off the fossils one by one to see what type of footprint was left behind. After dusting off the footprints they were able to use the plastic dinosaur toys on the table to see what dinosaur left which print!

The children had a lot of fun with each of these activities because they were able to search, scrape, and set-up skeletons to learn about their favorite dinosaurs.

If the footprint search is something that you and your child think would be fun, make sure to come visit us during February Vacation week (February 19-27) and use footprint investigation to find the culprit of FETCH!’s(TM) Case of the Roaming Gnome!

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