Coloring Snow

Bring your next art project outdoors by coloring some freshly fallen snow!

You’ll need: water, food coloring, spray bottles (or turkey basters, eye dropper, water guns)


  1. Start by putting your food coloring into containers, using a separate container for each color you are using.
  2. Slowly pour water into the food coloring containers until you like the shade of color. You can adjust by adding more food coloring or water. Try to keep the colors bold so they will show well on the snow! If you are low on food coloring, you can add liquid watercolors or paints to the water.
  3. Put the water into buckets, spray bottles or any other tools you have at home and bring the fun outdoors!
  4. Begin pouring, spraying and squirting the water onto the snow! You can do this randomly, make artwork or try writing out words as you color!

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