Chinchillas and Bunnies and Frogs, Oh My!

The Children’s Museum was thrilled to welcome Matt of Animal World Experience on Thursday. After several weeks of voting for our favorite animals, the votes were counted and Matt brought in the winners!

Rudy – A Chinchilla whose breed has become endangered because they have the softest fur in the world and have unfortunately been used for fur coats. This lucky chinchilla spends her days in a safe home, enjoying raisins.

Kiwi – An Australian White’s Tree Frog whose slimy skin makes him hard to hang on to. He’s a great jumper and climber and was happy to take a rest on the heads of a few volunteers at the Museum!

Peanut – A Guinea Pig who was dropped off at a pet store when her owner couldn’t care for her anymore. Luckily she was taken in by Matt and his wife Melissa where she is a “chatterbox,” squeaking and squealing her days away.

Scooter – An Alligator Snapping Turtle who took a bite out of some celery in front of his audience and cut just like a knife! Don’t be fooled by his 2″ long body at birth because Scooter may one day grow to weigh over 300 lbs!
Oreo – A Bunny that was found on a campground in Connecticut. She was not supposed to be let loose in the wild, so Matt spent 8 hours trying to coax her to come out from under a deck. He was successful and now Oreo spends her days munching on apples and helping Matt teach kids about responsible pet ownership.

Angel – Oreo’s sister who is known as the “Queen of the House.” She is a quirky little bunny who is litter box trained just like a cat.

Hulk – An Emperor Scorpion who is the 2nd largest kind of Scorpion in the world. When Matt shined a special flashlight on her she turned green! Hulk was cool to look at, but not to touch. From her sharp claws to her venomous tail, she’s not as nice to pet as a Bunny!

Matt taught the children that welcoming a new pet into your home makes it a part of your family. It’s important to never set your pet free in the wild if you can’t care for it anymore. There are plenty of options for a shelter to keep them happy and healthy!

“We hope that through our animal presentations people will develop respect and awareness for animals of all kinds.” – Matt and Melissa

Click here to learn more at Matt and Melissa’s Website or Facebook Page!

-Kerri, PR Intern

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