Back From Vacation

Today is a cause for celebration because waiting for my approval was the first comment on my blog EVER. I feel so popular. It was by Rebekah from Prechool Activites Everyday (see post below). I greatly appreciate her post because finally I feel like someone besides myself (and my boss) is reading the blog. Not to mention over 150 hits thus far. As stated before, it’s a special day.
Another reason for the special day was the St. Patrick’s Day celebration we had. It was quite fun as we had chocolate lollipop making, a scavenger hunt, and a real live leprechaun (played by actor Bill McCarthy, a long-time volunteer for the museum). My activity today was The Exploding Rainbow where using food coloring, whole milk, and dishwashing liquid we made psychedelic patterns.

So I went to Disney last week, and it was pretty incredible. For any parents planning a trip sometime soon, here is my money-saving and kid-related advice:
-Universal Studios is much cheaper, and has a lot of stuff for kids (they have an entire Dr. Seuss section of the park)
-Staying off-site is cheaper but not as fun as staying at a Disney resort
-Disney has a free bus service that goes to everything they own, and anyone can ride it (even if you’re not staying at a Disney resort)
-All the parks have great stuff for kids, even Epcot. Magic Kingdom has the most for kids, but it’s always the most crowded park. Animal Kingdom is great for kids and includes a Bug’s Life 3-D movie, walking trails with animal exhibits, and many Lion King themed attractions.

All interns at the museum recently had their pictures taken, so I’m gonna throw my picture on here so when you see me at the museum you can tell me how incredible my blog is.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t get too crazy.

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