2010 FIFA World Cup Experience

Do you have some little soccer fanatics that love playing and watching the game? Well they are not alone! Soccer is one of the most popular sports across the globe, as seen in this year’s World Cup in South Africa. Since 1930 international teams registered with FIFA get a chance to win the championship every four years. This month long competition not only features the skills of the world’s best soccer players, but also the passion and enthusiasm from their fans. Watching the World Cup can be a chance for your kids to learn something new about other cultures and about the sport that millions of people love.

With the top four teams in the semi-finals, the 2010 World Cup will soon be coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get in some fun, World Cup inspired activities before the tournament is over. If your family is planning to watch a semi-final game or the finals, then your kids are going to need a flag to wave when cheering for their favorite team. This is an easy craft to do that will get everyone excited about game! All you will need is some paper or poster board, markers, tape, and a “pole” to create your favorite country’s flag. To make the Dutch flag, evenly divide it into three sections; color the top section red, the middle white, and the bottom blue, and attach a pole. Whether you choose Germany, Spain, Uruguay, or the Netherlands, you and your kids can get in the spirit with this easy craft idea.

No sporting event is complete without something yummy to munch on while watching the game. Before the game starts have your kids help make some delicious German Frikadellen, or German meatballs. They will love rolling these little meatballs into a snack, which they can eat during the game. Other German food options include German chocolate or pretzels. Both would be big hits with your kids! You can also make a Uruguayan Chivito, which is the national food of Uruguay. This meat packed sandwich will leave your family full and satisfied.

Besides the flags and recipes, we have some other ideas that you can use to complete your game day atmosphere. Once a few goals are on the scoreboard, you can teach your kids how to count them in one of the languages spoken by the top four teams. Have them count in Spanish, Dutch, German, or all three! It’s a great opportunity for them to learn something new during such an exciting event. You could also play South African music or the FIFA theme song in the background to represent the culture of the tournament’s host country. Whether you incorporate all or one of these ideas into your FIFA World Cup experience, we hope that you and your kids enjoy watching and learning about soccer and the countries that love it. To continue with this cultural learning experience, you can always search online for ideas or visit your local library for books, music, or videos that will give you more activities to do with your kids.

The semi-finals start with the Uruguay vs. Netherlands match up on July 6th at 2:30pm followed by the Germany vs. Spain game on the 7th at 2:30pm. If you can’t watch the semi-finals, then tune into the finals on Sunday, July 11th at 2:30pm! Be sure to visit the 2010 FIFA World Cup site for more information about the teams and the tournament schedule.

-Ashley Balerna
Public Relations Intern, The Children’s Museum in Easton

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