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Summer Social Skills

Summer is a wonderful time to help children develop the social skills necessary to grow into confident adults. Social skills help us interact with others in positive ways. Non-verbal cues make up around 85% of what we communicate to each other. Our mind, body, and language work together to create interactions with others. Evaluation Sociability…

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Overcoming Holiday Anxiety in Children

            It’s holiday time and you may be noticing that your children are becoming increasingly anxious.  The holidays can be just as confusing for children as they are for adults.             As a parent, you must first evaluate where you are emotionally at this time of the year.  Many parents feel overwhelmed by the multiple…

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Easing your child’s social anxiety ( or It’s Party Time!)

Your kids may be happily anticipating the next party and you may be having second thoughts. Many parents fear that a party will cause their children to either become over-stimulated, irritable or simply out-of-sorts.For children who are biologically predisposed to becoming anxious or over-stimulated, a party can indeed present issues. However, we can use special…

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