Social Distance Learning: Roll a Rainbow

Project: Roll a Rainbow
Video Tutorial: roll a rainbow
This is a fun little experiment to teach kids about colors and color mixing. Best of all, there’s no mess – provided the bag is sealed tightly!
1. Cut a piece of paper so that it will easily fit inside a sealable plastic bag. Remove it from the bag to start.
2. Squirt dabs of tempera or acrylic paint at one end of a piece of paper. Then carefully slip it inside the plastic bag (an adult’s job) so the paint is at the bottom end of the bag. Make sure you release some of the extra air and seal it.
3. Using a rolling pin, dowel, or even their fingers, have them push or roll the paint the length of the paper, ideally in a fluid motion.
4. The paper can be removed from the bag and placed somewhere to dry.
You can teach kids about primary and secondary colors. Squirt dabs of red, yellow and blue close to one another so they overlap and make orange, green and purple. Or use warm colors (reds, oranges, pinks and yellows) to create a sunset picture. Cool colors (blues, greens, purples) will look like an ocean.

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