Social Distance Learning Project: Pom Pom Races

On the surface, this activity seems almost too simple to hold a kid’s attention. But we assure you that is not the case! Kids will get hooked, and besides, you can easily make it more competitive or challenging if the need arises.
Video Tutorial: pom pom video
Tape in different colors (masking or washi tapes work well), pom poms, straws, ample play space.
1. Tape fun lines on the floor, each in a different color and pattern: straight, zigzag and wavy.
2. Place a pom pom at the start of each line and ask the child to blow through the straw to move the pom pom along the line. The straight line will be relatively easy, but the wavy and zigzag will require some skill! They may need to change their positioning or the length of their breaths to stay on the line.
3. Challenge siblings to a pom pom race and time them to see how quickly they can get to the finish line.
This challenge helps to develop a child’s motor planning and breath control.
Older kids might respond to a penalty. Sometimes, having something happen when they don’t quite finish the challenge motivates them to keep going or try harder. Maybe they have to start over at the beginning of the line each time their pom pom goes off.
With younger kids, turn the game into one of balance and ask them to walk on the different shaped lines. Can they tiptoe on each of the lines? How about walk backwards? Involve their favorite toys in the play. Ask them to drive trucks or “walk” stuffed animals along the lines.
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