Social Distance Learning Project: Design a Town

This is a wonderful open-ended project that can span days and can be used as a foundation for imaginative play even longer. The idea is to get the kids thinking and talking about communities – what buildings, businesses, workers and inhabitants does each town or city need? Or is their Utopia a giant amusement park with the world’s tallest roller coaster? Or a sanctuary where prehistoric creatures live in relative harmony with My Little Ponies?

Video Tutorial: build a town


  1. Start collecting various boxes, assorted packaging cartons (make sure they are clean) and paper bags.
  2. Set out tape, markers, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, newspapers and construction papers for kids to use in their building exercise.
  3. Use a large piece of cardboard or tape off an area in the playroom that designates the size of the town. Draw or use tape to indicate a few basic roads to get your child’s imagination going…

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