Social Distance Learning Project: Cotton Ball Launcher

Project: Cotton Ball Launchers
Your goal in this engineering challenge is to construct a launcher using a cup and a balloon to hurl a cotton ball super far!
1. Cut out the bottom of a plastic cup.
2. Cut off the bottom of a latex balloon (about 1/8” of a 12” balloon. Smaller balloons can work as long as it works with step #3).
3. Place the balloon over the cut end of the cup and tape the sides securely.
4. Place a cotton ball inside the cup. Pull the neck of the balloon back and release!
Set up cups, bowls, vases, etc. as targets, each marked with a different point value.  You can challenge children to reach a goal number.  For example, “Let’s see who can reach 10 points!”  The children will be adding up the points they reach so you’re also incorporating a little math!
Sponsored by National Grid.

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