Social Distance Learning Project: Build a Scale

Today’s Project: Build a Scale
Video Tutorial: scale video
You’ll need: a cardboard tube (toilet paper roll or paper towel roll both work), some coins, rubber band, tape, a ruler or paint mixer, items to weigh
  1. Tape down the cardboard tube to the table/flat surface.
  2. Place the rubber band on the ruler and bring the rubber band through to the other side of the ruler by tucking it under the cardboard tube. Place the ruler through the other side of the rubber band. It will look like an airplane when you are finished this step.
  3. Adjust the placement of the rubber band on the ruler to make the scale level.
  4. Place your items to weigh (coins or heavier items) on the scale to test items to make the scale level and see what items are heavier or lighter.
Questions to Ask:
How many coins do you think it will take for the scale to balance? Or how much money in coins do you think it will take for your scale to balance?
Try it Out:
Just like a seesaw, the placement of the items affects how the scale balances. What happens if you put heavier items farther away from the fulcrum (the center of the scale) and lighter items closer to the middle? How about the opposite?
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