Social Distance Learning Project: Bubble Snakes

The best part is this is easy peasy to make and uses things that you have around the house. Perfect!
Video Tutorial: bubble snake
An empty water bottle, duct tape or an elastic band, an old sock, scissors, dish soap and a dish pan or other shallow container.
1. Cut the bottom off of a water bottle.
2. Slide the sock over the bottle. You can use duct tape or an elastic band to hold it in place.
3. Pour some dish soap into a shallow container and mix in a bit of water.
4. Dip the sock covered end into the soap mix and then gently begin blowing and blowing and blowing! You’ll be amazed at the length of the snake!
Please remind your kids to blow air out not suck air in. If your child sucks in, they will be eating bubbles – yuck! You can turn up the fun by dotting the bottom of the sock with different shades of food coloring. Then dip the sock into the dish soap mix and as the bubbles are blown, a rainbow snake emerges!
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