Social Distance Learning Project: Bouncing Egg

Today’s Project: Bouncing Egg
Video Tutorial: bouncing egg
This is a super cool experiment to conduct over a couple days! This experiment will show the results of a chemical experiment when a raw egg sits in vinegar for a few days.
You’ll need: 3 glasses, vinegar in each class, 3 eggs (or just one works, too!), food coloring
1. Put the eggs in vinegar.
2.Let the eggs sit in the vinegar for at least 72 hours.
3.Add a different color food coloring to each of the glasses with vinegar.
4.After 72 hours, dump out the vinegar and rinse the eggs in tap water.
5.See if the eggs bounce!
Science Behind It:
Vinegar is acidic and the shell of an egg contains calcium carbonate. A reaction occurs when you expose calcium carbonate to an acid. The thin membrane on the egg remains after you rinse the vinegar off giving it an interesting texture. After the 72 hours, the egg will bounce! Try it out!
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