Social Distance Learning: Oobleck

Today‘s Project: Oobleck
Video Tutorial: oobleck
Ooey-gooey fun that kids of all ages will have fun mixing up and playing with! It’s super simple to make with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets!
1. Start with 2 teaspoons of water in a bowl.
2. Add 1 teaspoon of glue.
3. Add 4-5 teaspoons of cornstarch one teaspoon at a time.
4. Mix it well.
Oobleck is ready to use when it is difficult to stir and can be put into a ziploc bag to experiment with more. Though it’s difficult to stir when it’s ready, it still flows when the baggie is tipped. When placed in your hand, the Oobleck flows (liquid), yet feels dry and can be folded over itself (solid). So is it a liquid or a solid?!
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