Social Distance Learning: Catapult

Today‘s Project: Catapult
Video Tutorial: catapult
A catapult is a device used to hurl an object. It uses a simple machine called a lever (the spoon and craft stick), which is attached to a stationary point called a fulcrum (the cardboard tube), to help move a load (the marshmallow).
Your catapult is powered by the rubber band. When you pull back on the lever, potential energy is stored in the rubber band. When you let go, the potential energy is transferred to the lever and turned into the energy of motion (or kinetic energy), and the marshmallow is flung forward.
1. Wrap a rubber band around two craft sticks at one end.
2. Slide the plastic cylinder in between two sticks. This is your fulcrum.
3. Place a Styrofoam peanut on the end of your top stick (the side without the band and the stick that is in the air)
4. Your catapult will work best if it is placed on a hard surface. Hold it down using one or two fingers on the rubber band. Use your other hand to pull the top stick down and let your pompom fly!
Try launching other safe objects. How about a marshmallow? See whch catapult can send the marshmallow the farthest. Use a meter stick to measure the distance, and then record the results. Make a lever and send a ping-pong ball flying high!
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