Social Distance Learning: Butter Maker

Project: Butter Maker
Video Tutorial: butter maker
You need only a few supplies from your kitchen and kiddos with strong arms to enjoy this old-fashioned activity. Make it a family affair and let everyone take a turn shaking!
1. Pour cold heavy whipping cream into a mason jar with a lid. Make sure you fill the jar only halfway so there’s plenty of room to shake the cream.
2. Drop a few clean marbles into the jar. If you don’t have any marbles, don’t worry. This activity can be done strictly with arm power (although it will take a bit longer).
3. Secure the lid and begin shaking. This step may take upwards of 15 minutes depending on how pasteurized the cream is, the number of marbles, and arm strength. This is a good time to get more helpers involved!
4. About halfway through the process, you’ll hear a difference in the shaking sound. Open the lid to see how the butter is beginning to form. The buttermilk will have begun to separate. Add a pinch of salt, secure the lid, and continue shaking.
5. Once you feel as though a solid mass has formed in the jar, open the lid and use a strainer to separate the butter from the buttermilk. The butter can be transferred to a container and stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator – if it will even last that long!
Bake some muffins so you can enjoy this tasty treat right away!
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