Paper Plate Raccoon

With just a few materials, crafting a raccoon can be easily done for a fun activity at home!


You’ll need: a paper plate, gray tissue paper, black and white cardstock or construction paper, glue, scissors, a stapler and scissors with scallop edge if you have them




  1. First, trim down the paper plate to give it more of a triangular shape as it will act as the face of the raccoon.
  2. Cut your tissue paper into small squares.
  3. Put glue all over the paper plate and place the tissue paper all over the plate until its full to be the raccoon’s fur.
  4. Using the black cardstock, cut out the raccoon’s nose, ears and dark circles around the eyes. You can also add black pieces to the plate to give pattern to the fur. Use the white paper to cut out eyes.
  5. Glue or staple the eyes, nose and ears onto the plate and you’ve made a raccoon!

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