Owl Handprint

Making an owl handprint is the perfect indoor fall activity as the weather gets a little cooler! This can be kept and displayed at home or maybe your kiddo wants to give their final painting to someone as a gift!


You’ll need: white cardstock or construction paper, paint (brown, green, black, yellow and white)




  1. Paint the palm of your hand and fingers with the brown paint. This will act as the body of the owl.
  2. Press your hand onto the middle of the paper to paint on the owl’s body.
  3. After the body dries, paint on the owl’s eyes. Make sure that the paper is vertical with the bottom of your hand at the top. Paint on white circles for the owl’s eyes. Once the white dries, add black dots for pupils.
  4. Before adding the nose and feet, use the brown paint again to paint the tree along the side of the paper and the branch across the page for the owl to perch on. The branch should go over where your fingers and palm of your hand are connected. This way your finger paints will show below the branch to show the owl’s long feathers.
  5. Once the branch has dried, give your owl a nose and feet with the yellow paint. For the nose, paint an upside down triangle between the owl’s eyes. On the branch, paint 3 lines towards the end of the owl’s body as its feet.
  6. Add some leaves to your branch! Use the green paint to make the tree as full of leaves as you like.

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