Mind Body Soul Summer: Sidewalk Masterpieces

We all love receiving appreciation and love but it also feels wonderful being the one giving the love and appreciation! And what better way to do this then having children help! As a family, create sidewalk art or words of positive messages to others in your neighborhood.  


Chalk, a paved sidewalk in your neighborhood or another approved location.


As a family, create a chalk art masterpiece with drawings and/or words for others to read and feel loved.

Need some suggestions? Think of an object that shouts positivity and love.  A heart, rainbow, or peace symbol would be beautiful to share with community members.  

Take it a little further:

Create a positivity route in your neighborhood that encourages walkers and runners to look for more of your artwork. For example, add something to your drawing like “Turn left onto Elm Street to see another beautiful picture.”

Encourage others to add to your artwork. Begin a community artwork project by starting a drawing and leaving chalk for others to add to it! Keep your fingers crossed for no summer showers and be amazed at the ideas others have to add to your masterpiece!

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