Mind Body Soul Summer: Nature Scavenger Hunt for Colors

Activity for the Mind: Nature Scavenger Hunt for Colors

Incorporating time in nature provides a wonderful learning opportunity for children to care for and appreciate mother nature and it’s many beauties. A great way to celebrate the many colorful creations found in nature is to do a colored scavenger hunt!  


An empty egg carton, basket or bag(if you plan to collect), a safe place outdoors to explore, markers/crayons are optional


For our instructions, we will use an empty egg carton.

  1.  Designate an egg holder(where an egg sits in the carton)  for each color in the rainbow.  Coloring the space with a crayon or marker is helpful. 
  2. Go on a family nature walk.  Try to find something from nature that matches each color in your carton.  For example, a red leaf on the ground can be put in the red holder, a piece of grass can go in the green holder, etc. 

Take it a little further:

Want to make this more challenging for older children? Incorporate their love for technology for a win-win! For example, they can research each natural item before adding it to the colored holder. Or encourage them to designate each color holder for a designated nature item before going on the hunt!

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