Mind Body Soul Summer: Independence Day Gratitude

Independence Day is a great opportunity to talk to children about our country, our freedoms and those who help to protect them!  Our Independence Day Gratitude Cards allows children to thank veterans and active soldiers for their service.  

There are many elders from our community who reside in local nursing homes, many of which are veterans. Residents will love receiving your artwork. Or, thank an active soldier through the Operation Gratitude Program. It is the largest nonprofit in the US for hands-on volunteerism in support of Military, Veterans, and First Responders. Since 2003, the organization has delivered more than 2.6 million care packages that can include artwork, cards, and supplies from community members like us! 


Construction paper, paint, pencil, paint brush(optional if finger painting is not desired)


  1. Trace your child’s hand as they keep their three middle fingers together and their thumb and pinky finger apart (refer to the picture).  You are creating Uncle Sam’s torso and legs are one unit using the three fingers held together.  The thumb and pinky will become his arms.  
  2. Draw a head and top hat at the base of your hand.
  3. Using red, white and blue paints, finger paint Uncle Sam in his traditional attire- blue jacket, stars and stripes, etc. Allow to dry
  4. Once dry, cut out Uncle Sam.
  5. Fold a second piece of construction paper in half to make a greeting card.  Glue Uncle Sam to the front of your card.  
  6. Write a thank you message inside.
  7. Contact your local nursing home, Council on Aging or Operation Gratitude for sharing options.

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