Mind Body Soul Summer: Activity for the Soul: Kindness Rocks

“One Message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life”

~ The Kindness Rocks Project, Mission Statement

Children and families across the country have come together to help promote the mission of The Kindness Rocks Project, to share positive and encouraging messages to people in their communities. Activities and projects like this are a great opportunity for Social & Emotional learning (SEL). SEL is critical in a child’s development, as it promotes empathy, positive relationships, social responsibility, and community engagement in the classrooms, at home and in our community.  


Rocks, paint, paintbrush


  1. Find a handful of smooth/flat rocks. Sizes can vary but one the size of your palm is a great choice!
  2. Clean the rocks with a mild soap and let dry.  
  3. Think of a positive message. Here are a couple examples: “You can do this!” or “Be the light for someone” 
  4. Paint your positive message on your rock. Let it dry.  
  5. Place your rock outside where someone can find it. People have placed them in parks, along hiking trails, outside their library entrance, at the end of their driveway. etc.                                                                                                                                                                


Participating in a positive movement is a great way to feel a sense of community. People across the country are finding messages that help inspire, support and encourage one another. Sometimes, people take a kindness rock with them. This may be something that is helpful to explain if your child is attached to the rock. People may take a rock and leave a different one. Imagine what message might be left for you? 


Try and think of additional locations to leave your rock. How about outside of a school, church, or nursing home? Think of a place where it will be seen.

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