Mind Body Soul Summer Activity for the Soul: Compliments All Around

It always makes someone feel good to receive a compliment and it nurtures our own souls to make someone happy!
Create a compliments sheet to hang up somewhere in your community!
You’ll need:
  • A piece of paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  1. Holding a sheet of paper vertically, draw 8 or 9 vertical lines straight up from the bottom about 1/4 of the way up the page.
  2. Turn your paper horizontal and in each section, write a compliment. It could be something as simple as “You are loved,” or it could be “you make someone happy.” Anything positive that would make someone feel good!
  3. Cut along the vertical lines you created.
  4. Holding the paper vertical again, in the large open space above the compliments, write “Free Compliments. Take one!” You can make this as colorful and decorated as you like.
  5. Hang up the sheet in your community where people will see it. They can then tear off a compliment from the bottom!

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