Make Your Own Sunflowers

Do you miss seeing colorful flowers outside during snowy weather? This season is the perfect time to make your own sunflower so you enjoy flowers indoors!

You’ll need: a paper plate, bubble wrap, yellow and black paint, green construction paper, scissors and glue


  1. Paint the front of your paper plate with yellow paint.
  2. Cut a circle out of the bubble wrap that’s about the size of the inside of the paper plate. Paint the bubble wrap black. Let it dry completely.
  3. Once the paint on the paper plate is dry, cut slits all around the edge of the paper plate to give your flower its petals.
  4. Once the bubble wrap is dry, glue it onto the middle of the plate.
  5. Complete your sunflower by gluing a strip of green construction paper to the bottom of the plate to give your flower a stem!

Share your sunflowers with us on our social media pages! We love to see photos of your crafts.

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