Make Your Own Scarecrow

Looking for a fall inspired craft to make at home? Making a scarecrow is a fun activity that only requires a few materials!⁠

You’ll need: a paper bag, construction paper, scissors, glue, straw (if you have it), buttons (if you have them)⁠


1. The paper bag will be the body of the scarecrow so it can stand upright when it’s finished.⁠
2. Grab your construction paper to cut up a hat, a nose and smile for your scarecrow. Glue them onto the bag. If you have buttons, glue those on as eyes, otherwise you can make them out of paper.⁠
3. If you have straw or string, you can glue this on to the sides of the bag near the scarecrow’s eyes to represent hair. You might even try pipe cleaner for another type of texture! Otherwise, cut up pieces of construction paper as hair.⁠

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