Leaf Turkey Craft

Create a turkey from the beautiful fall leaves for a fun Thanksgiving craft!


You’ll need: leaves, construction paper, scissors and googly eyes




  1. Start with a little leaf hunt! Collect as many fall leaves as you would like outside with a variety of fall colors. These will be used as the turkey’s feathers. If it’s a bit too chilly for a leaf hunt or you don’t have many leaves in the yard, you can easily replace the leaves with construction paper feathers.
  2. Crafting your turkey on a piece of white construction paper, start with one leaf as the body of the turkey by gluing it upright in the center of the paper along the bottom edge. If you’d rather, you can cut out brown construction paper to make the body and use the leaves just as the feathers. Glue the body of the turkey on first.
  3. Now glue on the leaves around the body of the turkey to give it feathers!
  4. If you have googly eyes, glue those onto the turkey’s body. Otherwise, you can make them out of black and white paper. You can also use red and orange construction paper to glue on a beak and feet.

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