Fall Sink or Float

With this fall themed science activity, kids will learn all about buoyancy and density. They can make predictions before the experiment and share their observations as they conduct it!


You’ll need: a bucket with lukewarm water, pinecones, apples, pumpkins (seeds or maybe a little decorative pumpkin), cranberries, leaves and any other fall items you want to include




  1. Fill up a bin or bucket about halfway with lukewarm water.
  2. Collect the items you want to test to see if they sink or float. If you need some inspiration for items, take a walk around the yard for different sized leaves or pinecones. You might even try a small twig.
  3. Predict what items you think will float and what items will sink.
  4. Put your items in the water and see what happens! Were your child’s predictions correct? Encourage them to discover what about each item caused it to float or sink.

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