Balance Sculptures

Kiddos become young builders as they learn about balance while constructing these sculptures!


You’ll need: cardboard, craft paint, a paper towel tube, 5 inch square piece of cardboard, hot glue, pipe cleaners, beads, 12-inch bamboo skewer with ends cut off




  1. Cut the cardboard into various shapes and sizes and paint the pieces. Paint the paper towel tube and the square piece of cardboard. Let all of the painted pieces dry.
  2. Flatten one end of the paper towel tube and staple it closed. This will be the fulcrum.
  3. Hot glue the open end of the paper towel tube to the square piece of cardboard and let that dry.
  4. On a long skewer, thread the various cardboard pieces, beads and pipe cleaners as it rests on the notch (fulcrum). Add and subtract pieces, adjusting the skewer until the sculpture is balanced.


Sponsored by National Grid.


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