Welcome to CME 360!

CME 360 offers fun, hands-on learning experiences for the virtual learning environment. Our virtual learning programs are designed to encourage active participation through inquiry-based learning. These programs align with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and QRIS Standards.

Our virtual pre-recorded videos are filled with multiple activities and include 25 pre-packaged kits that contain the manipulatives needed to complete each of the activities.

Each video is $150 per view with 25 kits only. (If you have multiple classes participating in the same pre-recorded video, each class needs to purchase the video. Kits cannot be purchased separately.)

Bonus! At no additional cost you now have up to 15 days to view the video once you have purchased it! This gives you total flexibility to change your original date in the event of a conflict!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete the CME 360 Booking form. You must give CME 2 weeks or more advance notice from the date you are presenting the program to your school, library, daycare, etc. This is the only way to secure that your kits will be packaged and arrive to you on time. We apologize but CME cannot accept any booking that does not give this advance notice.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your booking. This email will contain the next steps to securing your kits and viewing the video with your participants.

Available Programs

Waether video title slide

Weather Wonders

Is it snowing, windy, raining or cloudy?  Join the Children’s Museum Easton as we become meteorologists and explore weather the tools used to collect, measure and compare data behind weather predictions.

Waves Light Sound video still

Waves, Sound and Light

Join the Children’s Museum Easton as we explore Waves, Sound and Light!  See, hear, and feel how vibrations are transferred in sound and light waves experiments and create amazing tools with fun materials provided!

Structures and Foundations

It’s all about structures, mobility and stability. Get excited about the fundamental principles of architecture and physics. Explore the importance of simple machines while solving fun and exciting engineering challenges!

Motion and Stability video still

Motion and Stability

Join the Children’s Museum Easton as we explore science of kinetic and potential energy with our Motion and Stability experiments.  Explore the concepts of a magnetic field, and the strength of the earth’s gravitational pull.

Animal Adaptations video Still

Animal Adaptations

Join the Children’s Museum Easton as we investigate the science of hibernation and migration of animals from local ecosystems (and some afar).  Discover how important migration is to the survival of many species with fun and exciting activities!

CME 360 Booking Form

  • This booking form must be received 2 weeks or more in advance of this date.
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  • Each pre-recorded video is $150 for up to 25 participants only. Multiple classrooms will each have to purchase their own video with kits. However, a Booking Form does NOT have to be completed for each class. The contact person for the school may complete ONE form for all classes.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.