Yoga, Movement & More!

Thursdays, 10 am to 10:45 am

Yoga for toddlers/preschoolers increases flexibility and strength. Strong, flexible muscles enable agility, dexterity. It introduces children to moving muscles in new ways and challenges them to become more aware of each body part. It enhances the mind-body connection as well as coordination. Another plus is that it helps children stay calm and be aware of how their bodies move.

When a child has worked hard to master a pose, it gives them confidence and a boost of self-esteem. These values can be taken off the mat as well.

One of the most important elements of yoga is clearing the mind and focusing on the task at hand. Children learn to breathe through the pose, stay calm, and concentrate. These concentration techniques can be transferred to many environments, home, school, sports, etc.

So, start your day with a little Namaste! Miss Jenny mixes it up each week in these sessions with activities that develop a toddler/preschooler's self-awareness. Child size mats are provided (or bring your own) and parents are encouraged to engage as "spotters". Free with admission or a CME membership. (If there is high visitation on the day of class, we will break the class up into two mini sessions to keep everyone having fun and socially distanced.)