Science on the Go!

Science on the Go! will transform your classroom or community space into an interactive science lab.  Our passionate educators will bring everything needed to lead young scientists through hands-on experiments and activities that are designed to support the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering standards as well as NAEYC criteria.

"The ooohs and ahhhs that resonated from my students and their enthusiasm for wanting more could never have been achieved by reading from text!" Brittany, First Grade Teacher, Brockton

“The educator was wonderful! She was knowledgeable and kept the children engaged. We will definitely have them back again next year.” Carla, Norwood Christian Preschool Inc., Norwood.

"CME is the first one we call to bring science programs to our library!" Amy, Children's Librarian, Stoughton Library

Earth and Space Sciences

3-2-1 Blast Off!

Join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 reaching the moon’s surface.  Take an out-of-this world adventure as we discover the mysteries of space and the importance of space exploration.

Motion, Movement and Magnets

Learn the science of kinetic and potential energy with our motion and movement experiments.  Explore the concepts of push/pull, the mystery a magnetic field, and the strength of the earth’s gravitational pull.

“Fans” of Renewable Energy

Discover the importance of renewable energy sources. Examine velocity, gravity, motion and friction with our scientific wind tunnel!

Meteorology Madness

Snow, wind, rain or clouds?  What will the weather be today? Explore weather and the tools used to collect, measure and compare data behind weather predictions.

Life Sciences

Dig In!

Uncover the science of dinosaur fossils, extinction theories, and fun facts about these creatures that once roamed the Earth!  Junior paleontologists will excavate fossils to be identified and taken home! Please add an additional $1 per child for this program.)

Strong, Smart Me!  

Strong body, strong mind!  Explore the structure and functions of important organs in a fun and educational way.  Discover the importance of healthy habits and small steps we can take to live a healthier life!  Generously supported by The Goddard Foundation

Shhh!  Hibernating and Migrating

Investigate hibernating and migrating animals from local ecosystems.   Discover how important migration is to the survival of many species.

Physical Sciences

Build It!  

It’s all about structures, mobility and stability.  Get excited about the fundamental principles of architecture and physics.   Explore the importance of simple machines while solving fun and exciting engineering challenges!

Waves, Sound and Light

See, hear and feel how vibrations are transferred in sound and light wave experiments. Explore variables of shadows and colors with translucent, opaque and transparent objects.

Squishy Circuit Creations

Explore the basic principles of open and closed circuits, with conductive, insulating materials.

(Please add $1.00 per child for this program)

Doodlebot Fun

Create your own mini doodling “bot” to take home!  Learn about prototypes and ways to generate possible solutions to any design challenges.

(Please add $1.00 per child for this program)

What’s the Matter?

Solid?  Liquid? Gas?  They all “matter!”  Explore density and molecular motion as we investigate the phases of matter with some fun and sometimes, messy fun!

Fun with STEM

Can't decide which program is the best for you? Then Fun with STEM is the session for you. We'll pull from all of our favorite STEM experiments to provide a session full of learning, and fun - guaranteed!

We believe in active participation and inquiry-based education.
We teach kids that science is all around them.
We design our enrichment programs based on national and state curriculum standards.


Pricing: Educational Sessions are $300 for 1 hour up to 25 learners. Some activities may have an additional materials fee.

Service Area: Science on the Go! primarily serves Plymouth, Bristol and Norfolk counties.  We are happy to work with groups outside of these counties, however additional travel fees apply.  Barnstable, Middlesex ($75); Suffolk, Worcester, Hampshire ($150); Dukes, Nantucket, Berkshire ($200).

Our programs are designed for group learning. Common hosts include: Public, private and charter schools; Pre-schools and daycare centers; Camps; Libraries; PTOs; Scouts; Community Organizations (Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs); Community Events (STEM festivals, Art Festivals)