CME Superheroes

For the remainder of 2020, CME is celebrating SUPERHEROES! This year has shown us that superheroes are everywhere! We want to celebrate all of the people who are working to make our world a better place these days. From doctors and nurses to grocery store workers to parents with double duty and children resiliently tackling remote or hybrid learning. Anyone and everyone who is keeping on is eligible.

Making Your Superhero Mask!

Mask Design for Website

Have you caught a Superhero in the act?

Have you caught any superheroes in the act? That Dunkin Donuts employee who is a friendly face to see everyday? A fellow parent who is rocking the working from home and remote schooling double duty? Nominate a superhero and tell us all about how awesome and heroic they are. We will give them a shout out on this page, in our weekly Playgram and on our social media! We are so excited to celebrate community heroes. Tell us who you'd like to nominate with a photo of them and why they are a superhero to you. If you have contact information for them, please include that as well.

Email Rachel Riani, Development & Communications Manager, with your superhero nominations at

CME Superhero Sponsors

CME Museum Mission Control is super grateful for their superhero sponsors who are helping us to Save the Day for Play!

When you become a CME Hero sponsor you will SAVE THE DAY FOR PLAY by supporting CME Mission Control as we remain a safe and fun place for kids to learn and play. Ready for your superhero status to begin? Learn more here.