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Your Preschooler and Sleep: Back to School Edition

As the summer draws to a close, there are many items on a parent’s “to do” list to get ready for the upcoming school year.  But have you considered taking a close look at your preschooler’s sleep schedule?  Multiple studies show that well rested children perform better in school, are more adept at solving problems and exhibit fewer…

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Balloons at the Museum

This week in the Museum’s Party Room, you will find a fun and elaborate holiday scene made of nothing but balloons! This Winter Wonderland Selfie Station was made by Mrs. E, The Balloon Fairy. It contains over 600 balloons and took over 16 hours to make. Mrs. E is a world class balloon artist and face…

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The Benefits of Drumming in Early Development and Education

The value of music in childhood development is often underestimated. Kids who are involved in drumming, for example, learn to focus their attention and effort on one activity. This improves a children’s abilities to concentrate and stay focused. Studies reveal that playing a percussion instrument strengthens skills in math and science. Drumming teaches children about material…

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