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Exploring Art with Children – Artistic Stages

What to expect at each developmental stage Always keep in mind Be flexible.Children have their own ideas about how materials can be used. Sit back and let their creativity lead them (and maybe you) in new directions! Variety is good.Introduce new materials to children, but do it a little at a time. It is very…

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I Spy Shadow Boxes

Just had to share this fun, environmentally friendly craft for all ages that my children have been continually making and playing with for months now. Using odds and ends from around the house or from your recycling bin, create a collage in a shoebox. Then use the collage to play “I Spy”, an all-ages game…

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Music is everywhere

At a recent class in a local elementary school, I taught the kids how to make music with household objects and one precious, wide-eyed little girl exclaimed, “Well then, music is really EVERYWHERE then, isn’t it?” I smiled as I thought of how her shifted perspective might bear fruit in the coming days. Maybe she’d…

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