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5 Easy, DIY Halloween Costumes for Children

Halloween is quickly approaching! Supermarket shelves are lined with endless bags of chocolate and sweets, and spooky decorations are infiltrating the seasonal section at Target. You know what that means… Costume time! Whether you and your kids are going trick-or-treating, attending a costume party, or visiting the Children’s Museum in Easton for their annual Halloween Romp, you’ll want a costume that everyone remembers!


Though Halloween stores are popping up everywhere and pre-packaged outfits line the shelves in department stores, you can create a memorable costume using materials found right at home! Don’t buy a costume your child will only wear once. Instead, take time to craft a creative costume with your child to ensure a Halloween they will never forget! This post highlights some easy DIY costumes that guarantee a fun Halloween!


1. Minion

Minions have been all the rage this year. Their quirky personalities and witty pranks have made them a box office hit and 21st century sensation. For this costume you will need:

  • Blue, denim overalls
  • A yellow shirt (long sleeve if it’s cold outside)
  • Black shoes
  • Black gloves
  • Swim goggles or big glasses
  • Yellow hat

minion costume

*For an accessory, try a banana or a ukulele!


2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are heroic mutants that save the world, and this year they’re saving your Halloween! This simple costume is sure to be a hit! For this costume you will need:

  • Black or green pants
  • Black shoes
  • Green shirt (long-sleeve if it’s cold out)
  • A disposable foil pan, painted green (for the turtle’s shell)
  • Assorted bandanas (to wear as a mask and/or to tie around elbows and knees)
  • A yellow vest or yellow construction paper (for the turtle’s belly)

ninja turtle costume


3. Gumball Machine

Looking for a SWEET costume? Search no further! A gumball machine costume is creative, simple, and is sure impress! For this costume you will need:

  • Red Skirt (with red tights if it’s cold out)
  • White shirt (long sleeve if it’s cold out)
  • Pompoms (Glue the pompoms in a circle on the white shirt with hot glue)
  • Red Hat
  • Felt or construction paper to make the “25 cents” sign/candy dispenser

gumball costume


4. Waldo

Where’s Waldo?! We found him! Waldo is the wandering hiker that always seems to blend into a crowd, but this costume is sure to stand out! For this costume you will need:

  • Blue jeans
  • Brown shoes
  • Red/White striped shirt (long sleeve if it’s cold)
  • Red/White hat
  • Big glasses
  • Accessories: Cane, brown satchel, camera



5. Bandit

This costume is sure to steal the show this Halloween! It is warm for a chilly night of trick-or-treating and is simple to create. For this costume you will need:

  • Black shoes
  • Black pants
  • Black and white striped shirt (long sleeve if it’s cold out)
  • Black mask
  • Black hat
  • Tip: Use a white sack for trick-or-treat bag and draw a “$” on it. Incorporate the trick-or-treat bag into the costume!

bandit costumes


Stay tuned for our next blog post: Tricks to Make Your Halloween a Real Treat! How to Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween!


We witch you a Happy Halloween!

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